We understand that you may have questions about our products or services. In this FAQ section, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and easy access to information.

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What is your current lead time?

Our lead times vary widely by product. Items we have in stock (mostly price list items) will still require a lead time of 3-4 weeks to process and package. Made-to-order items vary widely; orders for entire structures are in heavy demand and we may be quoting these into May or July of 2024, but many bolts, pole bands, washers, and links are continually being made in waves to keep up with demand, so they will be quicker. Asking your Hughes Brothers inside sales contact for current lead times is best. As always, storm damage takes precedence over all other factory orders to restore power as quickly as possible.  Our quotations and the estimated shipping dates on any order acknowledgement are the best resource.  The factory is very busy so please be patient, we are expanding, AGAIN.  See the Hughes News for the update.

Are you currently hiring?

Please see our “Careers” tab for applications. Other jobs often arise as we expand or as employees retire, so be sure to check back.  Don’t give up. We are always interested in valuable applicants.

What type of wood and preservative do you use?

All of our wood is west coast douglas-fir that is specifically planted and harvested for high-grade timbers. For each tree harvested, seven more are planted, making our supply sustainable for generations. All solid sawn timbers conform to ANSI 05.3 and all laminated timbers conform to ANSI 05.2.  We use DCOI as our preservative. We have two pressure tanks that can treat timbers up to 66 feet long. 

Who do I contact for information and pricing?

We have representatives for every state. If you do not know your representative or the proper inside sales contact here at Hughes Brothers, see our “Contact” tab and complete the form. We will get right back to you through the representative in your area.

Do you charge for your engineering assistance?

Our engineering team does not charge for their expert advice. We consider that a valuable service we provide to the industry and hope that our work results in orders for the factory. We provide modeling with the most common software and can assist with the input required. The engineers are active in all the utility associations that write the standards and practices for the electric utility industry, from ASCE, SEI, ANSI, WWPI, and beyond. We also test many items for valuable customers at no additional cost.