Our Facilities

Hughes Brothers 40 acre facility has several divisions that must work harmoniously to get products to assembly and packaging at just the right time. Shears, presses, forges, bolt threaders, welders, punches, large steel tube processing, and galvanizing make up our steel department, which churns out roughly 70% of our product.

The wood department does everything from small distribution braces to 345kV arms up to 55 feet, then sends them to our treating facility. We have two treating tubes that can do up to 66 feet and treat all our douglas fir with DCOI. In addition, our fiberglass division makes large amounts of guy strains and bracketry for the distribution market.

The company has made great strides in the last 35 years with massive expansion projects like an additional, larger galvanizing kettle with overhead cranes, new press brakes, shears, robotic welders, a designated building for steel davits, and a higher capacity assembly building. Recent upgrades have added new presses and a hot works building to increase our forging output and convert the treating plant to DCOI from penta. This is all in addition to simply keeping the older equipment running and adding new warehouses, packaging, and shipping buildings.  

Hughes Brothers continues to grow with its largest expansion to date–a new steel processing building that will be larger than a football field. The building will include an automated beam line and even more ability to make larger structural framing members. Hughes Brothers is ready to tackle the demand as steel framing up to 345kV grows in popularity. We are hoping to have this fully operational by the summer of 2024. Over 500,000 square feet of the factory are constantly growing and improving under the roof.