The Hughes Difference

Hughes Brothers is unique. We celebrate our history and live out our mission daily to work hard, smart, safely, and together. Products and methods have evolved as our customers’ needs, and our technology has changed over the decades, yet we still offer items we originally designed and manufactured over 100 years ago. Our drive to produce quality, affordable and on-time products has no equal.


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Generations of Family Ownership


Quality Craftsmanship

Made in America for over 100 years, Hughes Brothers products are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. We are most known for our manufactured wood framing, but many of our H-frame products have been adapted and engineered to be made of steel.

Over 75% of the product shipped nationwide is steel, manufactured in our versatile and ever-expanding factory. By keeping our production local, we can ensure the quality craftsmanship our customers have come to expect. Quality products are forged daily with Hughes Brothers


Responsive Service

When extreme weather strikes, we have the experience and knowledge to assist electrical utility companies. We strive to maintain an inventory of common items and raw materials so we can respond quickly and make immediate repairs. 

We are well-respected in the industry and are seen as the most reliable supplier of wood and steel-engineered products for electrical utility companies across the nation. You can rely on Hughes Brothers for urgent power restoration and unique solutions.

Metal Scraps

Environmental Stewardship

Committed to responsible and ethical business practices, Hughes Brothers understands the importance and value of recycling. Steel scraps are sent to a local steel mill to be melted down and rolled back into various structural shapes, many to be used by our very own facility in an endless recycling loop. Wood that doesn’t meet our specifications is reclaimed into pallets, boxes, and shipping material or is chipped and pressed into briquettes to heat the factory during our cold Nebraska winters. 

Our lumber suppliers utilize tree-farmed logs from companies that plant seven times as many trees as they harvest. Our pressure-treating facility increases the life span of our wood products from a few years to several decades, or in some cases even indefinitely, thus reducing the need to cut down trees.


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Outstanding service…Your prompt response helped AECI provide the material needed to restore power to more than 300,000 Arkansans.

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Inc.

We appreciate the extra effort from everyone at Hughes Brothers who worked extended hours to help us get the arms we needed for tornado recovery. Our customers are thankful you could make this happen.

Oklahoma Utility Company

Thank you for getting our wishbone structures built and the extra shift you did!