The Anatomy of a Storm Restoration Kit

April 8 2024
Storm Restortation Kit

What’s Inside and Why It Matters

When disaster strikes and power lines go down, every minute matters for utility crews working to restore electricity. That's why Hughes Brothers takes immense pride in being the storm recovery partner utilities can rely on without fail.

Our storm response capabilities are unmatched. We maintain an extensive inventory and can mobilize quickly to rush materials where they're needed most. One of the ways we help utility companies regain power rapidly is through our Storm Restoration Kits.

These bundled structure kits contain everything a crew needs to rebuild a steel or wood utility pole H-frame structure in one convenient, easy-to-deploy package. All framing components are banded together into a single inventory item for ultimate efficiency. From single pole distribution crossarms to 345kV transmission structures, we've been pre-packaging complete kits for years.

This bundled approach makes sense. Kits are simpler to identify, track, and transport compared to multiple separate items. The prepackaged kits reduce complexity, minimize misallocated parts, and allow utilities to proactively stage materials exactly where they'll be needed.

What's more, we go beyond merely bundling our own products. If you need insulators or any other third-party components, we may be able to integrate them into a comprehensive, one-piece unit tailored to your precise specifications. Just let us know what you need.

With Hughes Brothers Storm Restoration Kits, you can be confident you'll have the right materials ready when Mother Nature's fury strikes. We obsess over these details to ensure you can respond urgently, repair damages swiftly, and restore power safely for communities in crisis.

Don't gamble with the ability to bounce back from storms. Consult our team today about stocking up on fully customized, carefully assembled Storm Restoration Kits from Hughes Brothers. When seconds count, you can depend on our extensive inventory and determination to deliver immediate, post-storm recovery of electrical services.