The Hughes Difference

Hughes Brothers is boldly different. We celebrate our history, and we live out our mission daily. Our products have evolved as needs and technology have changed over the decades, but our drive to produce quality, mission-critical products is uncompromised. 

Three generations and 100 years of hard work, dedication, and determination to produce quality products make Hughes Brothers a story worth sharing. Our company is our family’s way of life. “We are an honest company, making honest products for the American people. We are very proud of that,” says John Hughes, President of Hughes Brothers. We are a company that makes a significant impact by working hard and smart every day with employees we consider family. With approximately 300 employees, Hughes Brothers supports our community and serves our customers with unending loyalty and the desire to do the right thing, always.



Work hard. Through three generations, our company was built on knowledge, dedication, and hard work. This remains a core value of Hughes Brothers and the cornerstone of our organization.



Work smart. Each day we strive to improve our craft, our processes, and our products. We honor the history of our company through the mutual respect of our employees, customers, and suppliers.



Work safelyHughes Brothers takes responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, our customers, and the end-users of our products. We stand behind our product, from manufacturing to installation and beyond.



Work togetherOur employees, like our families, are our most important investment. Coming together to manufacture high-quality products, we value each and every person and their contributions to our mission.


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Hughes News

September 13 2023
We have broken ground on our new tube facility. Hughes Brothers is planning its most significant and most extensive expansion ever. The northeast…
July 31 2023
It takes an army; an army of our maintenance department and subcontractors, to keep a facility as large as Hughes Brothers running smoothly.  …
July 18 2023
The new straddle truck is finally here and hauling all of our longer wood and steel arms from boring and welding to treating and assembly.  Then the…